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Cell Phone Jammer Purpose

Perfectjammer 2021/10/11

For a long time, open, fair and impartial many people who participated in the driving test have focused on the focus of attention. However, due to the backward technology and the complicated test process, it is often difficult to achieve everything in the test process. Recently, in order to prevent motor vehicle drivers from cheating in exams and effectively solve the problem of mutual interference between Cell Phone Jammer Purpose and Internet signals, the Driving Management Section of the Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Patrol Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Liaocheng City adheres to the problem-oriented approach, taking the initiative to take the lead in the province and even the country. The city-wide theory test mobile jammer remote monitoring system has been developed, and many problems of "put down, catch up, and manage well" in the safety and civilized common sense test have been realized. cell phone jammer

The reporter saw at the scene that the system includes remote terminal management software and a networked mobile phone jammer. It has three major characteristics: blocking the test room signal, not affecting the handling of Internet services, and intelligent networked precise supervision. According to reports, the system adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology, which can cut off civilian mobile phone signals within a radius of 1 to 20 meters (50 to 250 square meters) of the examination room, making it impossible to make and answer the phone, and minimize the risk of cheating in remote exams. At the same time, the effective shielding distance of the system is controllable and adjustable. After citizens leave the examination room, their mobile phones can automatically return to normal use. It will not affect the people's use of mobile phones for face-to-face signing, payment and other services. Cell Phone Jammer Purpose’S "dilemma". Not only that, this remote monitoring software also sets 9 working modes, each working mode is set to 9 working hours. After the equipment is connected to the Internet, the monitoring center can remotely manage and supervise the installation location, working hours and power-on status of 11 theoretical examination rooms in the city through the software. And operation log. When equipment fails, the system automatically warns, and achieves precise, intelligent, and standardized examination supervision.