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Cell Phone Jammer House Party

Murray Chris 2021-08-28

Nowadays, smart phones have long been a must-have for personal life, and there are not a few people in the student party who have mobile phones. How to control the use of mobile phones by students, how to establish a balance between learning and entertainment... It seems that it has always been a problem that lies in front of parents and schools. The Silver Lake Experimental School in Fuyang District, Hangzhou used a "new solution": Cell Phone Jammer House Party is installed on the campus and turned on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night. cell phone jammer The installation also disturbed the residents around the school, protesting that the school can only be opened during the day when students are in class, and opening at night prevented their normal communication.

The reporter came to Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental School. The campus has a beautiful environment and first-class facilities. The school security told reporters that because it was Sunday, the school did not go to school normally. The reporter contacted Mr. Zhao, director of the Audio-visual Education Center of Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Middle School. Teacher Zhao said that the school Cell Phone Jammer House Party has been installed for a period of time, mainly to prevent school students from playing with mobile phones at night. "Mobile jammers are activated from 10pm to 4am the next day and are currently in normal use."