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Perfectjammer 2021/10/13

Candidates hide their mobile phones in their thin clothes and raise their hands to avoid the security check. It was discovered through surveillance video that when Wu Moumou entered the examination room, he hid the mobile phone in the thin clothes he held in his hand, and avoided the security check by raising his hands. During the test, the mobile phone was hidden under the draft paper to take pictures, and the test was distributed to a training institution for answers (not obtained) at the opening test 46. Candidates have admitted cheating and all results have been cancelled. At the same time, the invigilators were removed and the invigilators were strengthened. The invigilators involved have been further investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision organs. An answering APP: It takes about 50 minutes to upload the test, and the test questions have not been published and answered. At around 15:50 on the 7th, an APP staff member saw a user uploading this question in the background. During the test, the platform closed the search function, and neither the system nor the manual answered the answer. The staff said that until the end of the exam that afternoon, the test questions were made public. After comparison, it was found that users uploaded questions that were suspected to be college entrance examination questions, and then retained evidence to report the case to relevant departments. The students in the same examination room recalled that the examinees involved in the incident were flustered, and the examination room was more stringent after the incident. On June 8, outside the examination room involved, a student from the same examination room introduced that there was no abnormality in the examination process. There was only one instrument to detect and Cell Phone Recording Jammer shield the signal. The mobile phone needs to be stored outside the door. After the examination, the student involved was flustered. . cell phone jammer

After the incident, the examination room has become more stringent, and the number of invigilators has also increased. The Admissions Office responded that the "dual insurance" failed, or there were loopholes in the 5G signal shielding. According to common sense, Cell Phone Recording Jammer will be installed in the examination room, even if the mobile phone brought in by chance is a "brick". But under the "double insurance", this kind of thing still happened, which is jaw-dropping. The Huangpi District Admissions Office responded to this matter and stated that the candidate could upload test questions on his mobile phone due to loopholes in the 5G signal shielding. Some experts said that the 5G signal system is different from the original 4G system, and it is possible that the old model of interference equipment cannot completely interfere with the 5G signal. On the afternoon of the 8th, the Hubei Provincial Radio Management Department responded that a special class has been formed to investigate the matter. If it is determined that the candidate used radio equipment to transmit cheating, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law. As the first important exam on the road of life, the impression of the college entrance examination has always been "serious, fair and just", but this incident seems to subvert public perception. Candidates not only succeeded in bringing prohibited equipment into the examination room, but also openly searched for questions under the nose of the invigilator. This exposed the problem, I am afraid it is not as simple as cheating in the examination room. It is estimated that relevant departments will follow up with more stringent preventive measures.