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Who Invented Cell Phone Jammer

Warth Oliver 2021-08-25

The reason for installing a mobile phone jammer is to prevent employees from playing mobile phone calls in the toilet. The company that does this is not known if it is the only one, and there is no semicolon. Installed Who Invented Cell Phone Jammer equipment In less than a month, many new employees collectively think that the boss’s approach is unreasonable! After all, this has affected everyone's normal life, but the boss refused to change. In anger, many new employees resigned directly. cell phone jammer In fact, it precisely reflects the relationship between the boss and the employees, and it also brings us reflection: How should the boss get along with the employees in order to achieve a win-win situation? Even the time to go to the bathroom must be monitored, which shows that the company is too stingy; the relationship between employees, the company and the boss is essentially an equal cooperative relationship.

But some bosses think: The company has spent money and bought your time. During your 8 or 9 hours on the job, every minute and every second should belong to the company, and you can’t have private calls, and you can’t do things that are not related to work. Even eating and drinking are limited time, for fear that you will take advantage of the company's "time cheap". This is like the boss who installs Who Invented Cell Phone Jammer in the toilet, which is actually a disguised manifestation of being extremely stingy with employees. This is not desirable! Each employee is an independent individual, with his own ideas and judgments. The mandatory requirement for employees to devote every second to their work will inevitably cause employees' rebellious psychology and even bring about the opposite effect. It's better to be more generous. The boss gives employees a lot of freedom, and sensible employees naturally know how to give back to the boss for self-discipline.