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Handheld Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-07-12

Handheld Cell Phone Jammer

You can find it in the instruction manual attached to the test mobile jammer, but this data is a laboratory data, for reference only, actual use should be divided into different situations. First of all, if there is a base station within 500 meters nearby, this is one of the reasons that affect the shielding range, and according to the length of the distance, the impact will be different. This point should be noted. Secondly, Handheld Cell Phone Jammer cannot pass through walls, which will cause Its shielding effect is greatly reduced, and metal objects will also affect its shielding effect. Although there are several kinds of problems that will affect the effect of mobile phone signal jammers, it is still the most effective way to prevent electronic cheating. There are professional quality and preferential price machines. Many years of research and development experience are trustworthy. We look forward to customers Come and cooperate. cell phone jammer

After all, a school cannot have only one classroom. Therefore, if the school wants to install Handheld Cell Phone Jammer , it will either need to spend dedicated human resources to complete this task, or it will have to customize such a program. Compared with arranging your own personnel to complete this task, it is better to ask the company to make a special plan. For one thing, the price is lower and more cost-effective. The second is to invite professional companies to operate, so there is no need to worry about unprofessional problems. For example, the installation location is wrong, or because of the lack of understanding of the situation around the school, after installing the mobile phone jammer in the examination room, the best effect cannot be achieved.

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