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Build Cell Phone Jammer Radio Shack

Perfectjammer 2021-07-11

Build Cell Phone Jammer Radio Shack

Build cell phone jammer Radio Shack It is the response method adopted by the school in order to deal with this situation. Speaking of this kind of machinery and equipment, its principle is to be able to isolate any electronic signal within a certain range, generally within a radius of 0 to 20 meters. , So here, such as 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phones or WIFI signals are not available. It can effectively prevent candidates from using electronic signals to cheat and make the test environment more fair. The order of the examination room has also been better maintained. It is also what every student strives to do to provide a safe, fair and stable examination room for candidates.

Nowadays, a kind of machinery and equipment named Build Cell Phone Jammer Radio Shack has officially appeared in front of major schools. This kind of machinery and equipment is able to ensure that no matter what electronic signal cheating methods are faced, it can effectively counteract this behavior. So what is the principle of mobile phone jammers? Why can "black technology" with different principles and different methods be treated equally and all solved? Let's look at the principle of "black technology" first, because regardless of their means and Regardless of the method, it is impossible to avoid sending and receiving signals in the examination room. However, the mobile phone signal jammer directly isolates their connection from the electronic signal level. Naturally, no matter how concealed their methods are, they cannot avoid all failures. , So now this kind of machinery and equipment has become the new favorite of major examination rooms and has attracted much attention.

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