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Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules

Velez Jocelyn 2021-08-28

Reporters from Monterrey, Mexico, recently discovered that when they went to church to report on celebrity weddings, their cellphones always had no signal. It turns out that the church recently installed Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules made in Israel. cell phone jammer Will prevent the phone’s ringing from disturbing this sacred moment

The Baroque church in Monterrey has become their "marriage destination" because it is particularly loved by local elites. But two years ago, the priests put forward the request to install Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules because of the "nuisance" of the holy wedding because of unbearable mobile phone ringtones. At present, four Roman Catholic churches in the Monterrey area have installed ordinary book-sized cell phone jammers in the portraits of the Virgin Mary and the statues of the saints. However, before each mass, the priests still remind people to turn off their mobile phones. They hope that people will eventually develop this habit without relying on instruments for supervision.