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Lopez Abby 2021-08-29

On June 7th, on the first day of the college entrance examination, Chinese in the morning and mathematics in the afternoon, however, a certain Wu candidate cheated in the math test was exposed online. What is more novel is that the test taker took the form of uploading test questions on his mobile phone. When he asked for help on Xiaoyuan Search Questions, he revealed the name of the test paper or even his name, but was discovered by other users. Xiao Yuan Sou Ti issued a statement stating that the App did not provide any search results. After the exam is over, after confirmation, the staff immediately reported to the relevant department and packaged the background screenshots and data and other clues to the relevant department for verification. The subject has never been displayed on the front end, and has not been leaked in any form. Netizens are more confused about the cheating process, "I always think that the college entrance examination is the most fair and just test for everyone. Why can he bring his mobile phone in?? Why is there no Cell Phone Jammer Prison shielding signal in the test room? I don’t believe these are all. Coincidentally, not only with a mobile phone, but also with a signal, which is outrageous!" cell phone jammer Some netizens also raised questions about whether XiaoYue search questions count as collaborative cheating.

It is worth mentioning that some netizens accidentally discovered that the college entrance examination hall Cell Phone Jammer Prison can only block 3G and 4G signals, and 5G signals are full. Mobile phone signal jammer, this "artifact" is basically a standard configuration in the college entrance examination examination room. It has also prevented those who use communication tools to cheat at all. Once blocked 3G and 4G, it is a standard for one use. Then it is good to use in the face of 5G. NS? The principle of the mobile phone receiving signal: within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the data and sound transmission is completed with a certain baud rate and modulation method. In view of the above communication principle, the mobile phone jammer only needs to scan from the 5G frequency band of the forward channel at a certain speed, and then scramble the scanned frequency. Therefore, the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, and the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station. The mobile phone is manifested as a search network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena. Eventually, the mobile phone has no signal and cannot receive text messages or calls. Therefore, whether the mobile phone jammer can block the 5G signal depends on whether it can recognize the 5G frequency band information. I think the old model may not support it, but it should not be difficult to upgrade.