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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Used In Schools

Perfectjammer 2021/10/16

With the continuous development of mobile phones, almost all smart phones now can connect to wireless networks, enabling Internet access anytime and anywhere. People use wireless networks frequently, and the frequency of encountering problems is also high. The most common one is that mobile phones are connected. I'm on wifi, but why can't I access the Internet? I believe this is a problem that many people have encountered. The method is simple and easy to use for computer novices. The mobile phone cannot be connected to the Internet. One is the problem of mobile phone failure, and the other is that Cell Phone Signal Jammer Used In Schools is required. Let's first look at how to solve the problem that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the Internet: enter the mobile phone interface, and find the setting option in the mobile phone. It is not difficult for ordinary mobile phones to find this option. After entering the setting options of the phone, you will see a wifi option inside, and then you can click the wlan setting. After entering, you can see that the wifi display has been connected, but it is just that you can’t go online normally, and then on this interface, select the wifi option. cell phone jammer

Next, you will see the detailed information about wifi, you can see the wifi address we mentioned above, what you need to know at this time is that it is because of the two different IP addresses that the wifi can’t access the Internet. At this time, it’s dynamic ip will automatically search and show the problem. This is a relatively simple step, mainly to look at the details, if the setting still fails, it may be caused by other reasons, so you need to search for the answer separately. The last step here is to click the option of network parameters, talk about IP address change, and then click start. Finally, if you want to test whether you can go online, you can click the browser directly, and you can go online at this time. After reading the above content, do you have a good idea of ​​why the mobile phone is connected to the wireless network but can't access the Internet? The method is not difficult, as long as it is meticulous, the problem can be solved. But this is only one of the methods, and the other is the problem of mobile phone signal. The cell phone signal will be weakened or interrupted due to passing through the building, resulting in poor cell phone signal or failure to connect to the Internet. At this point, you need to buy one from a professional manufacturer. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Used In Schools After the configuration is complete, the mobile phone can go online.