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Don't use mobile jammer blindly

Perfectjammer 2021-07-17

mobile signals jammers blindly

So how should cell phone jammer be selected? It depends on where you use it. If you are a school user and you need to install dozens or even hundreds of units at a time, then it is recommended that you use a mobile phone signal jammer with built-in antenna. First, you don’t need to twist the antenna one by one, which saves a lot of money. Manual; second, don’t worry that students will unscrew the antenna and cause damage to the mobile phone jammer; third, installers do not need to be trained, because the machine with external antenna cannot be screwed at will, and each antenna has a corresponding logo. It needs to be connected to the corresponding interface. Many teachers are not aware of this situation. After blind use, the mobile phone signal jammer will be ineffective or even damaged.

There is no mention of the solution to the telecom mobile phone, because the telecom mobile phone can not only block the mobile phone to access the Internet. Why? Couldn’t it be that the 2G (CDMA) frequency is released and only the other 3G and 4G are shielded? The answer is no. This is because telecom operators have not achieved absolute separation on the three major frequencies. They sometimes use 2G channels to use 3G or 4G frequencies. Therefore, once the CDMA frequency band is released, then telecoms may appear. Mobile phones can not only communicate but also surf the Internet. In this case, most companies can only choose to sacrifice their small partners who use telecom phones.

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