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GPS positioning jammer is device specially developed for luxury cars and parking lots

Mohamed 2022/11/15

An important step to reduce hidden dangers: replace the GPS. Many customers always install GPS on the pledged car when applying for a car mortgage loan, so after purchasing, be sure to block the GPS with a positioning shield, so that the car will not be leaked. This facility can effectively shield various data signals of GPS, mobile telecommunication and China Unicom, and has a useful distance. If you have portable and desktop GPS jammers, you can use a positioning jammer.

GPS positioning jammer is a device specially developed for luxury cars and parking lots

The three methods of Beidou and GPS are blocked. Put it in the parking lot or where the information is kept secret, and charge it directly with the direct-charged battery. Put it in the car and plug it directly into the car. Light a cigarette. Now there is a signal and GPS fix. While driving on the road, whether you are resting in a service area on the road or on the highway, the original buyer can see that you have found the exact location, and it is simple to find the car you bought.

Facility operation mode: positioning includes two battery charging methods: car charging and direct charging. All data and driving directions of the car buyer are invisible. Keep your assets safe from loss. Positioning jammers are high-powered facilities we have developed specifically for large cars, passenger cars, tractors, parking lots, and acquiring companies. I can't find it if I look for it. The height of the data signal of the communication base station is between 10 meters and 30 meters, to avoid long-distance marking, long-distance tracking, long-distance shooting, long-distance power failure, etc., and keep safe driving reasonably.

A lot of auto mortgages have lost people and money over the long run, but that won't be the case if you have a GPS jammer installed. After the customer purchases, according to the corresponding position of the installation antenna according to the instruction manual, turn on the control button to use.GPS is used by the military for navigation, positioning, and timing data that are critical for planning, reporting, and executing attacks. Many vehicle purchasers are stolen by the original purchaser on the parking road, and usually, the car is pledged by the original purchaser with the locator installed.