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The mobile phone can be fully restored to normal use after leaving the GSM signal shielding area


  The mobile phone can be fully restored to normal use after leaving the shielding area. The working frequency bands are CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800 and PCS1900. After receiving the portable battery jammer (desktop jammer without battery), it needs to be fully charged within 6-10 hours; All antennas must be installed as marked (1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 or GS M to GSM GPS to GPS).

The mobile phone can be fully restored to normal use after leaving the GSM signal shielding area

  That is to say, the signal is always in a relatively static state, does not interfere with other electrical equipment, and is harmless to human body. The electrical signal sent by gsm jammer is undoubtedly an electromagnetic signal, but the jammer will never have any device to communicate with it, so a sudden change signal can never be formed. Operating frequency: 869-94MHz, 825-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 1900-1990MHz, etc. This scanning speed may cause interference to the SMS signal received by the disorderly code mobile phone, so the mobile phone cannot detect the normal microwave signal data sent by the base station. If it is close to the signal base station, the jammer is very invalid!

  At present, the main products include UAV countermeasure jammer, mobile phone signal jammer, GPS jammer, signal jammer and other products. More importantly, do not open the shield without an antenna! Interference range: field signal strength<=- 75dBm. Disturbance distance varies depending on signal strength and location.

  In order to facilitate customers to use the mobile phone jammer, this article summarizes some reasons that may cause the jammer you ordered to fail to work properly! It is more important that you order the appropriate signage according to your needs! If you want to shield your mobile phone, you must select a 2G 3G 4G full frequency signal shield. Mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and technical services of high-tech electronic communication products. Because if you only use the GSM jammer to block, you can automatically activate it through the built-in SIM card to achieve GPRS GSM positioning.

  At this time, you need to consider whether to add GPS (satellite positioning) or WIFI (wireless Internet access) for these additional functions! Select the right power supply: portable shield is low power consumption and easy to heat, while desktop shield has good heat dissipation! The shielding range of the desktop shield is further! If you want to shield the GPS track, you must select the two in one jammer. Within a certain range, the mobile phone cannot connect to the base station. The mobile phone seems to be searching the network, without signals or service systems, making it unusable, so as to disable the mobile phone. Process.

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