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Telecommunications Regulatory Authority sets policy on the use of gsm jammers


  Cell phone companies have complained to telecoms regulators that in most cases, jammers are effective outside the buildings in which they are installed. But these devices are used to prevent terrorist acts. In this case, the user holds their cell phone carrier for poor service. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has established a policy on the use of cell phone jammers to ensure that these devices are not used to block cell phone communications outside the buildings where they are installed. However, in these cases, only the telecom authority can admit. There are jammers that make the phone show no signal.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority sets policy on the use of gsm jammers

  By policy, cell phone jammers are limited to a range of 20 meters. When they find that their communication is blocked in certain areas, they send their team to find out why. But there are other jammers that can prevent, communicate without making the phone show "no signal." We also discovered that an imambargah had installed at least three cell phone jammers without prior permission from regulators. The police department has received no complaints about the use of cell phone jammers.

  There are mainly two types of jammers used. Cell phone carriers often pay attention to their signals. Users rarely complain about using cell phone jammers, he said. In this case, the user knows that the building they are in has gsm jammer inside and they cannot use their phone.

  Due to law and order and other security concerns, especially in the vicinity of commercial banks and other financial institutions, it seems imperative to allow the use of jammers in exceptional circumstances (i.e. not as a routine procedure) so as not to affect the operation of licensed cellular operators way to block cellular mobile communications.

  It is now mandatory for users of cell phone jammers to obtain prior permission from the telecommunications regulator. When they discover that mobile phone jammers installed in buildings are blocking communications even outside the building, they immediately file a complaint with the telecommunications regulator.

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