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Is it reasonable to install GSM mobile phone signal jammer as a school?


Is it reasonable to install GSM mobile phone signal jammer as a school?

  Netizens think that, as a school is not the college entrance exam examination site, the installation of mobile phone signal shielding device is not very reasonable, open at normal times, and harm the interest of students and teachers, hope school disable, and remove the mobile phone -Signal shielding device.A school in Suzhou has installed a cell phone signal sign in every classroom.Student is not, as he argues, with full capacity for civic behavior, now the school assumes the role of guardian, to protect students' fundamental interests, can make students a certain part of the right to temporary suspension.

Also, installing a signal shield is distrustful of students

 Another student named wang questioned the installation of the signal screen.He felt it was unnecessary for the school to install signal shielding.At the same time, it also prevents students from ordering a take-out show on cell phones and parents are more convenient.There is nothing wrong with installing signal shielding in the classroom that will ensure normal teaching order." Xiao Qian agreed with the school practice.She said the school does not encourage students to carry cellphones on principle, and it also stipulates that cellphones cannot be used in classroom areas and lessons.

  If you really want to play with your phone, this device won't stop you.The classroom is equipped with gsm jammer.Students Xiao Zhao said that they recently noted the school's official website to purchase signal blockers, "since the beginning of high school, every test, the teacher will take it to the classroom, can use a power adapter plug, very convenient.The reporter came west to great Suzhou to visit the site.I personally strongly support it.Xiaoding, an elderly student, thinks that increasing teachers' resources is better for the school than paying for equipment.Although the child takes the cell phone to school, but always very conscious, we also trust him very much.

  Nowadays, cell phone addiction is very common.Some children have poor self-control, and installing signal blockers can prevent children from playing cell phones in class.High school student Xiaoqian said that during school hours is the state of shutdown, the cellphone is used when returning home to contact parents.Wu Tianyi, a lecturer at the Normal University of Suzhou, said that education should promote the realization of educational goals.

  According to this, the larger the director of the affiliated high school of Suzhou office everyone miss li answer, school on weekends for the classroom installed mobile phone signal shielding device, including up to three, 'blocker only open during the test, to prevent the phenomenon of each student unconsciously, the organization of the test specification, guarantee the objective and fair.Mr.Zhao said he doesn't know if the sign is open at regular hours because he doesn't have a cell phone.Playing cellphones and playing games in class can seriously damage educational goals, and installing cellphone signal blockers in the classroom can put an end to such behavior and get education back on track.There are also students who have different opinions.Wang said that although there is a teacher's contact information, but still want to be able to contact the child directly.

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