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Does the GPS jammer affect the pilot's judgment?

It is said on the Internet that GPS jammers can cause certain interference or even damage to UAVs. I'm wondering now, on the other hand, can it affect the pilot's judgment in the air?


The US military's next-generation GPS jammer is expected to provide a new high-performance electronic warfare system that combines agile power electron beam jamming technology with the latest solid-state electronics technology. You can find a very efficient way to deliver at least 100 watts of power. At $1000.00, the low power of the GPS signal reaching the receiver creates jamming power even at very low power levels, making GPS jammers relatively easy and cheap.
There are a variety of sabotage methods on the market, but manned aircraft are generally immune to signal jamming. When communication or navigation is lost, the pilot in the cockpit is at the discretion of the pilot. Drones are a serious threat to you. But since there wasn't one in the cockpit, the interference was from the US Navy, which could be the cause.