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Jammer blocks incoming and outgoing signals from smartphones within range


  In order not to jam all signals, you can close the room with electromagnetic screens.But this option takes place only where mobile communications are not jammed.It turns out a Faraday cage, and signals cannot pass from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.Typically, radios operate in the LPD (433.075-434.750 MHz) and PMR (446.000-446.100 MHz) bands.

  But to get by with just an earpiece, a headset and a smartphone, the dealer must be at a distance up to 10 m from the assistant.In this case, the jammer signal may not interrupt the signal from the mobile tower.On the other hand, you can do smarter: install cameras with machine vision and teach artificial intelligence to recognize those who cheat.The handler hears them on the earpiece, which is located next to the headset.

  And if, for example, a schoolchild or teacher becomes ill during the exam, then even an ambulance cannot be called from a smartphone.He dictates the answers into his walkie-talkie, and the handler hears them in the earpiece.For shielding, special paints, shielding nets, coarse-mesh fabrics, and metal sheets are used.The assistant, using a microphone, hears everything that happens on the exam and dictates the answers.

Jammer blocks incoming

The screens close the lines of force of the magnetic field

  You and your assistant must have a radio set to the same wavelength.They block incoming and outgoing signals – the smartphone is out of the network coverage area.Another option is a system without a walkie-talkie and without a smartphone.

  In large companies, meeting rooms are sometimes screened to protect against leaks and wiretapping.Increase distance up to 300-500 m – at least in urban areas, – models with walkie-talkies allow.Yes, and residents of nearby houses and employees of neighboring offices interfere with gsm jammer.If the assistant calls the SIM card number in the GSMCard Box, you will hear him.

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