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Active cell phone gsm jammers are readily available and inexpensive

Perfectjammer 2022/11/04

  Active cell phone gsm jammer are readily available and inexpensive.Given the legality of such a device, is it possible that your boss uses a passive device? Phone signals can be blocked with special window and wall coatings that absorb or reflect radio waves, essentially casting large shadows.

Active cell phone gsm jammers are readily available and inexpensive

  You can test one with a spectrum analyzer, which will cost a few thousand dollars -- but many people, such as professional wireless network installers and cable installers, do.A large metal enclosure might cast a shadow (the example of a new/moved server room is a good example), or a new machine might interfere.

  One has a lot of metal in it.Of course, it is also possible that the phone signal is just blocked by that wall, and there is no GSM jamming signal on the other side.Some things placed in a building may cast shadows in a specific area.Maybe you can ask such a person.It's also worth noting that the bars on your phone are a measure of signal quality rather than signal strength, so when you get into range of a jammer, the drop in signal can be quite noticeable.

  Passive cell phone network shielding materials are expensive and require construction, but they are legal.It works the way you describe: if an interfering signal is being broadcast, it wouldn't be surprising to see it blocked by a particularly opaque wall, eg.

  Finally, there may be some new devices.So when you're on the other side of the wall, the normal phone signal won't be overwhelmed by the jamming signal.Not sure how to detect if they are being used.Deliberately jamming the signal This is technically easy to do, which means your boss might do it, but he/she almost certainly won't admit it.

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