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Figure out how the jammers are laid out and if it's possible to do something about it


  Jammers on the exam make you remember a real old school like spurs and bombs or finally learn everything in good faith.Here every year on May 14, 15 and 16 for 3 hours disconnect Internet throughout the country, so that schoolchildren do not copy and transfer assignments to each other.

Figure out how the jammers are laid out and if it's possible to do something about it

  But is there really no trick against this scrap? We figured out how the signal jammers are arranged, and whether it is possible to do something about it during the exam.The system is quite simple.How could this happen?

  Different technologies can be used to prevent this.If there is no money for additional gadgets, you should hope for a miracle – that the school saved and bought a cheap portable gsm jammer with a range 3-5 m… In this case, you need to sit as far away from it as possible or hide behind a large metal object a closet, a safe.

  Most often, the signal in the mobile network is blocked radio interference… The device generates white noise at the desired frequency: usually these are the ranges in which GSM (850-960 MHz, 1805-1990 MHz), Wi-Fi (2400 MHz, 5000 MHz), Bluetooth (2402-2480 MHz) and other systems operate.The capsule earpiece is inserted into the ear canal.In Iraq, for example, they are acting much tougher.

  As a result, you will not be able to call from your smartphone, and you will not be able to reach you either.Typically, flagship smartphones incorporate hardware and software tools to combat interference and optimize signal reception.Therefore, schoolchildren receive answers to earpieces.And sometimes, for reliability, microcameras are brought into exams, with the help of which tickets are photographed and sent via 4G to the assistant’s smartphone.

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