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Can the mobile jammer prevent the network from dividing GPS signals?

Can the GPS signal on the mobile phone be interfered by the mobile phone shield?


Some people say that ordinary people should have the right to buy mobile phone blockers, and VIP users can use these products to prevent illegal pursuit.It may be more effective to wrap aluminum foil around the antenna so that it only receives signals from the sky.As shown in the figure, the content seems unexpectedly simple.However, there is no law to regulate mobile phone jammers at present, so it seems that there are many very small GPS jammers on the network that can be used as long as they are plugged into cigarette holders.
The GPS signal cannot be received due to interference caused by interference, so encryption cannot be used.The transportation industry always uses GPS trackers to get things done, but cell phone jammers can prevent their bosses from being monitored.It is also a tool for criminals (I will not deploy it here).For foreign prisoners, please get rid of the shackles of surveillance.A source familiar with the internal affairs of the Ministry of National Security said that these devices have the ability to monitor and interfere with the radio waves manipulated by "unmanned aerial vehicles".