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Portable Cell Phone Jammer 8 Band Phone Jammer

A mobile phone jammer that can be put in your pocket

Cirelli Jayson April 03, 2021 10:30

Marie, a teacher at Saltois High School (1), after being drunk, thought that his student liked her phone more than her phone, and he ordered a cell phone jammer online. She has been using her "toys" for a year and a half.

Just type "mobile phone jammer" on the search engine, and the target of the crime will appear. Fed up with her students operating the keyboard "behind the scenes", she decided to do so. “Generally speaking, I use annoying classes to activate it, and I usually hide it with a notebook. She said: “This is a real problem encountered in class with laptops. Students have mastered a lot of skills. Hidden in school bags, pencil cases or loose pockets. "

The principle is simple: the radio waves emitted by the mobile phone jammer will block the reception of the network. "It's fun, students tend to stay close to the window, hoping it can work better," Marie joked. The use of cell phone jammers in France will be fined 450 euros, because only prisons and theaters are allowed to be equipped with cell phone jammers. She joked that Mary bought a small class in a small class, "even if it does not work well in the back row".

That small forbidden box cost him 60 euros, which is an investment. "Obviously, my students don't know that I have one, so they still try to take out the phone. I won't do that to make them a little annoyed, and it works normally." The teacher congratulated. Mary has never been roasted by her young man, even if someone suspects it. "It's weird, we can only get it in your room," a group of girls said boldly. Under these circumstances, she pretended to be naive: "Look, I don't know."