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wifi jammer blocking the wireless network

Torres Yunior April 05, 2021 10:30

Today, there are many innovations in dedicated devices for Internet connections, including wifi jammer devices. The main function of the device is especially to block the WiFi network, making it no longer available. But how does the Wifi jammer work ?

What is a Wifi jammer?

A Wifi jammer is a device that can specifically block the transmission of several types of Wifi waves via the parent source. It can not only disturb the WiFi signal, but also disturb other frequencies near a certain radius. The WiFi device is especially in the form of a walkie-talkie. Some models have a single antenna, while other models have multiple antennas as needed. In addition, the button allows you to select the waves to be blocked from this device.

Why use a Wifi jammer? Usually, it is the military that uses this device to interfere with the enemy's signal or avoid detection. Therefore, its use is not really aimed at individuals. Depending on the model, there are still many advantages of using WiFi jammers, namely:

A timer that allows the signal to be scrambled for a limited time, detects surrounding waves, so that hidden cameras or microphones can be detected, and radio waves can be blocked within very precise frequency intervals. These models differ in the functionality and breadth of scope. In addition, some WiFi jammer models allow full interference, while other models only allow partial interference.