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Morley David 2021-09-03

Dean Liptak is a natural science teacher who teaches at Fivay High School in Pasco County, Hudson, Florida, USA. However, he was suspended for 5 days recently because he was dissatisfied with the students using smartphones in class. The excessive use finally made the teacher intolerable. He decided to use Cta Cell Phone Jammer to make students unable to use their phones and concentrate on listening. Reported on the local radio station WTSP-TV that he used his knowledge to make a mobile phone jammer and successfully made the bustling classroom quieter. cell phone jammer Interference only in the classroom, and even consulted with local law enforcement officers before using the mobile phone jammer. The answer he got was that it would be illegal to interfere with the signal for improper reasons, and Liptak apparently believed it was Good reason.

Citing Pasco County School District Spokesperson Linda Cobbe, “Verizon has been to the school to investigate after hearing that someone used the Cta Cell Phone Jammer device, because cellular signal services are always cut off in this area.” Then foreign media contacted Verizon on the matter. The latter stated that it would not sue Liptak at this time, and the spokesperson said it currently refuses to respond to this matter.