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Blocking Cell Phone Calls And Texts

Zepf Florian 2022/3/10

The person in charge of the company explained that in order to prevent employees from going to work, they specially bought a Blocking Cell Phone Calls And Texts to prevent the phenomenon of using mobile phones during work hours. They do not know that this will affect the normal operation of the communication base station, and the impact is very large. Sorry and promise to remove cell phone jammer immediately. The Qingyuan Radio Administration took him as the first offender, actively cooperated with the government's law enforcement work, and issued a warning to the company.

Cell phone signal jammer products emit very weak radio waves, within the range of weak radio waves stipulated by radio law. Since it's not a radio station for the telecom business, there are no legal issues or grayscale issues. Since cell phone radio waves are very weak, even such weak radio waves can be disturbed. One might ask, why do we use Blocking Cell Phone Calls And Texts ? As we all know, GSM is the basic network frequency band for mobile phone voice communication and short message services. Improper use of mobile phones is serious: