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Cell Phone How To Block Calles Block Ringtones

Perfectjammer 2022/04/18

Monterey's Baroque church was a "marriage destination" for the local elite because it was particularly popular. But two years ago, the priests asked to install Cell Phone How To Block Calles because the ringtones on their phones were unbearable and "caused trouble" for the holy wedding. Currently, four Roman Catholic churches in the Monterey area have installed regular book-sized Cell Phone Jammer in the portraits of the Virgin Mary and statues of saints. However, the priests still remind people to turn off their phones before each Mass. They hope that people will eventually develop the habit without relying on instruments for supervision. The purchase of mobile phone signal jammers is very large, mainly for the 2006 college entrance examination. Yesterday, the staff of the Admissions Office of the Dalian Education Bureau said.

At the same time, on the Dalian Municipal Government Procurement website, a "Dalian Education Bureau Cell Phone How To Block Calles Procurement Announcement" also attracted the attention of many businesses. According to the "Announcement", "Dalian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is entrusted by the Dalian Municipal Education Bureau to conduct competitive negotiation and procurement of mobile phone jammers required by the Dalian Municipal Education Bureau, and invite qualified suppliers to sign contracts." Above the "Announcement" It shows that a total of 1560 mobile phone signal jammers need to be purchased. In the "Announcement", indicate "Purchaser: Dalian Education Bureau". Subsequently, the reporter contacted a company that produces mobile phone jammers in Dalian Development Zone. A project manager of the company, surnamed Zhang, said the company is preparing to participate in the public procurement tender of the Education Bureau. The store manager said that mobile phone signal jammers can be divided into two types according to the shielding radius: the price of a shielding radius of 20 meters is about 680 yuan; the price of a shielding radius of 50 meters is about 1100 yuan.