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Unwanted Cell Phone Call Blocker

Gurnsey Kevin 2021-11-27

For many people, the college entrance examination is the most important node in their lives, and this exam will also greatly affect the future lives of candidates. Therefore, the importance of the college entrance examination is undoubtedly needless to say, but in such a sacred place In the exam, there will be some candidates who try to cheat through electronic signals, hoping to get high scores through off-market recruitment. This behavior is undoubtedly extremely unfair to other candidates and tramples on the efforts of other candidates for many years. Achievements, so for schools, Unwanted Cell Phone Call Blocker is a countermeasure they must have. cell phone jammer

There is no doubt that there will be problems when using a phone without problems. For example, make a phone call in places where quiet is required, such as courts, theaters, temples, etc. Using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous and sometimes kills people. Many people can't make phone calls now. Some people cannot imagine life without a mobile phone. But obviously, many examples tell us that unreasonable use of mobile phones can cause problems. In 2009, according to a report by the Indian House of Lords, the use of mobile phones in India is increasing rapidly, but it is accompanied by the most unacceptable severe public harassment. In order to solve this problem, Rajya Sabha, the influential subcommittee of Parliament, said, “They need to build where and how to use the equipment without disturbing others.” He also supports the enactment of strict new laws to make it successful. call. These comments are in response to a request by citizen member Gurjit Singh that it is illegal to carry mobile phones at funerals and temples, and it is prohibited to install Unwanted Cell Phone Call Blocker in school buildings to prevent students from making phone calls.