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Mendez Giovanie 2021-09-04

Afterwards, the reporter also received a positive reply from the school. Teacher Cui, who handled the matter, said that there are still many issues that need to be studied in the installation of Cell Phone Jammer Projects . The problems caused, so these two days can only be regarded as an attempt by the school to purify the classroom environment in education management, and there is no conclusion." Teacher Cui said frankly that although most students can understand the original intention of the school, there are still some difficulties in accepting it, and the school can only temporarily return to the traditional means of relying on teachers to strengthen classroom management. cell phone jammer Regarding whether the school can install mobile phone jammers, the reporter learned from the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau that at present, my country has no clear legal provisions to restrict the scope of application of radio jamming equipment. In actual operation, the relevant departments can only follow the principle of not interfering with public communication, such as certain large-scale examinations, conferences and events can also be used.

Professor Wu Fan from the Department of Social Work, Zhou Enlai School of Government and Management, Nankai University said that this should be a helpless move by the school. The order of this kind of regular social activities is all affected by the bow-heads sending WeChat and Weibo.” Professor Wu said that in the classroom, teachers and students should reach a consensus that the proper teaching order in the classroom cannot be disrupted. Obviously, students play in class. Mobile phones are illegal. Professor Wu said frankly that it is a common phenomenon that university classroom order is difficult to guarantee, and major universities currently do not have good management measures. Although the school's move can achieve management goals in the short term, in the long-term development, the school should start from the perspective of cultivating student self-control, increasing campus cultural atmosphere, and improving teaching quality. Cell Phone Jammer Projects is the best tool to stop electronic products.