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Cell phone jammers control time

Perfectjammer 2021-02-19

"Since last year, residents around Yuyao No. 4 Middle School have reported mobile phone signal problems. Some are near Modaoqiao, some are in the mountain temple area, and some are in the east area of ​​Jiangnan New Town." Mr. Mao from the Network Department of China Mobile Yuyao Branch responded. The reporter said that after receiving the complaint, they intervened to investigate the matter. After monitoring, the source of signal interference came from Yuyao No. 4 Middle School. Originally, the school installed mobile cell phone jammer in the student dormitory building, and there were 30 devices in total.

Mr. Mao said that in general, mobile phone jammers can affect mobile phones within 200 meters. In the first half of this year, the company negotiated with the school and hoped that they would remove these mobile phone jammers, but the school said that it would prevent students from using mobile phones after the lights were turned off at night, so they were unwilling to remove it. In order to minimize signal interference affecting the normal communication of surrounding residents, the company later gave the school more than 20 mobile phone jammers with less interference. However, according to his knowledge, Yuyao No. 4 Middle School did not replace all low-power mobile jammers.

School students can study well only after they have a good rest. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Yuyao No. 4 Middle School and made many calls to the school's principal's office and academic affairs office, but no one answered them.

However, a person in charge of the school’s general affairs office surnamed Chen said in an interview with local media, “The school clearly stipulates that students cannot bring mobile phones into the school, but some students still bring mobile phones into the school, use their mobile phones to surf the Internet at night, and do not sleep on time. In order to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night and have a good rest, the school installed 30 signal jammers in the student dormitory building more than a year ago. The mobile phone jammers are turned on from 10pm to 6pm the next day, which is When the students are resting."