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mobile phone jammer shields target signal building

Perfectjammer 2021-04-03

If the target building requires more precise shielding and the impact on the periphery of the target building needs to be minimized, and conditions permit, please consider using fewermobile cell phone jammer and directional antennas to obtain the target signal shielding building. Telephone signal blocking power usually refers to the total transmission power of 60W or higher, so the radius of mobile phone signal shielding is usually up to 50-100 meters or longer (depending on the distance from the adjacent base station), such as SMA-818K60, SMA- 818K100, SMa -818K200mobile phone signal jammer.

In the transmission process of the mobile phone jammer of the signal shielding phone, it is mainly due to the limited ability of the reinforced concrete structure to penetrate the wall (large attenuation), and the target is towards the side of the building. It is generally difficult to achievemobile phone signal shielding The hood completely covers the entire building. It is usually recommended to install aprotective cover at each position on the front and rear sides of the building to fully protect the entire building. As shown below: This " mobile phone jammer + directional antenna" method is usually applicable to the situation where the directional antenna is erected before and after the destination auxiliary building, for example, within the range before and after the appropriate distance from the building ( Usually 20 to 50 meters) The side walls or roofs of other buildings can be used to construct the antenna. If there is no other suitable structure to install the antenna, a vertical pole (such as a flag pole) must be used to erect the antenna in the corresponding position.

Using the method of " mobile phone jammer + directional antenna", under unsatisfactory conditions, when the antennas around the base station are placed close to or far away from the erection, it may cause the left side of the building to reach a larger target height or a small building In some blind spots, it is recommended to use small energy shields for these blind spots to compensate for the blind spots, which is achieved by using a combination of large and small power detectors. Generally, the shielding power of a small phone should be estimated at a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 (estimate 2jammers or 3 supplementary blind low-power mobile phone jammers).