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Call Blocking App Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2021/11/13

After class ended at noon yesterday, the reporter randomly interviewed students in the school through the iron gate at the gate of Dongguan No. 5 Senior High School. The students said that the school "may enable mobile phone signal blocking", the students all said categorically that "there is a real thing." . According to an unnamed male student, he believed in the school’s signal shielding, “because when I was in the dormitory, the mobile phone basically had no signal”, but he did not comment on the quality of the shielded signal, “because the school itself It’s not allowed to bring mobile phones to school." Student Li, who is in the second year of the fifth high school, told reporters that he recently discovered that some strange devices were added to the dormitory building, and then the mobile phone signal weakened. On Weibo, a netizen from a poor family said: "According to the official news of the Fifth Middle School, Call Blocking App Cell Phones does this matter... The only thing we are grateful for is that the school will block the signal for different periods of time. What is certain is that the dormitory will not want to go online after the lights are turned off. According to random interviews with students, the condition of mobile phone jammers does exist, but the reporter checked the mobile phone at the school gate and found that the signal was full. Some students explained that "the dormitory area will be shielded, and there was no mobile phone signal in the dormitory before. Weakening situation". cell phone jammer

Later, the reporter said through the words of the principal surnamed Ye: “Dongguan Fifth Senior High School did consider shielding radio signals in the dormitory area. This move is based on the practice of some schools in Shenzhen. Shield the dormitory radio signal after the point.” At the same time, the school also revealed that the method of blocking the signal is only a plan and has not been put into practice yet. In this regard, the Southern Metropolitan reporter sought truth from the Dongguan Radio Management Office. The staff of the other party stated that they “have not received any related complaints”, but the staff said that according to the “Regarding the Prohibition of Illegal Development, Production and Use” which was implemented on June 14, 2001 Call Blocking App Cell Phones Equipment’s Notice” clearly stipulates that the development, production and use of radio interference equipment without legal procedures are illegal, and if it is verified, it needs to be ordered to stop using it.