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Manufacture of mobile phone jammers to protect judicial authorities

Perfectjammer 2021-04-07

In order to monitor mobile phone activity in a given area, an established configuration is designed. This is equivalent to building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences on the physical boundaries, communication control equipment was deployed. Options can include managed access functions, where cellular communications can be allowed and denied based on operator authorization. Other options allow cell phone jammer devices to be deployed in many buildings or areas. These cellular interference units can deny access to a group of individual buildings or complex corridors, conference rooms, many small offices and large numbers of mobile phones in private rooms at any time. These cellular jammers are constantly monitored by a central administrator, who can authorize or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular phone jammers are connected via CAN (controller area network) in the local area network and are managed by the central base station (CBS). The intelligent interference system can control everything from the detection to the alarm, so as to prevent a single mobile phone from establishing a connection when and where to prevent a call.

In order to solve these problems, a working group composed of several manufacturers supported by the French National Defense Industry Group (GICAT) was established in 2013. Results: The new generation model is currently undergoing testing facilities in two locations in Île-de-France, including the facility in Fresne. Christopher Dorangiville explained: "They are placed at the entrance of the cell and are more precise in the field of work." 3 million euros will be invested to equip 26 sensitive facilities within three years. Thales has cooperated with the Ministry of Justice to develop electronic bracelets and national interception platforms for military mobile phone jammers to manufacture them. "The choice of technology to be retained has not yet been determined because the ongoing experimental evaluation is still in progress," but a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice was appointed.