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How hacker from thousands of miles away can track your phone?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/15

  There are a few different ways to determine the exact location of a phone and its user. The most common use built-in GPS modules or cell tower triangulation. It doesn't even send GPS coordinates -- communicating with cell towers could expose you.

What devices do jammers interfere with

  First, by comparing your phone's signal strength to multiple cell towers, someone looking for you can use triangulation to estimate your location. This requires access to data about your cell phone provider's base stations and their coordinates, which should keep this data out of reach for criminals.

  There are many such databases on the internet, such as or The more ground the person has - the more accurate the results. By the way, this tracking technique is not very accurate. There are many cell phone towers in densely populated areas and it becomes 150-300 meters and in rural areas it becomes 2-5 kilometers. Fortunately, it's impossible to get a more accurate position just by triangulating the towers,

  So if your phone is hacked or infected with a virus, it will be much easier to find your phone.

  Finally, if the coordinates of the closest base stations are known - using the signal power of each base station, it's not hard to calculate where the phone is between the three closest base stations. Also, you should know that the data transfer speed of a normal GSM or CDMA network gives criminals a chance to update the data every 10-15 seconds, so the tracking is almost real-time.

  Despite this apparent complexity, this base station tracking technology is very common and popular because it allows all cell phones to be tracked, whether or not they have GPS or GLONASS modules.

  Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that no one will try to use this type of tracking on you, and the only way to protect yourself is to use GPS jammers that won't let your mobile device connect to the base station.

  In order to detect the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test.