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What are the car's GPS positioning

Curry Mildred 2022/09/02

  Check the vehicle location: 1. First, see if there is an external GPS signal receiver, if there is any, look for it along the line; 2. If there is no appearance, look at the chassis; 3. Go to the repair shop to find a special master for testing; 4. The above methods If it doesn't work, just buy a GPS jammers What are the car's GPS positioning device, just put the device on the car and turn on the switch, it can block GPS devices within a range of 15 to 30 meters in diameter.

  There are GPS signal detectors on the market that can detect whether there is a locator installed on the car by receiving the frequency, but this kind of signal detector can only be used for wired GPS because wired GPS sends out more frequencies every day, it is easy to be detected. Signal detectors capture and locate.

  If the car is equipped with a wireless GPS, it only transmits the frequency once a day, and the time is very short, then the signal detector cannot be captured in this case. You can find a company that specializes in detecting whether the vehicle is located. They have a complete set of equipment that can activate the wireless GPS to find it.

  Some car GPS signal jammers that customers care about also came into being. For example, a company operating a mortgage car business temporarily gains control of some cars by raising the mortgage payment. Since there may be a locator installed by the original owner in the vehicle, there is a risk that the original owner will find the car and drive away secretly. In order to avoid this situation, companies operating the mortgage car business can purchase GPS signal jammers so that the original car owner cannot locate the vehicle, thereby protecting the safety of the property.

  Of course, if you buy such a mortgage car from a mortgage car company, are you also worried about the safety issues after purchasing the car? Do you also want to avoid someone stealing a locator from the car? Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that if you buy a mortgage car Friends will also buy a GPS signal jammer.

  Maybe because of the special nature of work or some other reasons, in short, I don’t want the car I drive to be continuously located and tracked by others, and I will also purchase a GPS signal jammer to maintain driving privacy.