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Insurance company put a black box in your car?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/27

  A man asked us a question: "My insurance company put a black box in my car that has a built-in GPS and tracks my speed and how I'm driving, and I want to stop the whole thing quietly.

  First, let's analyze how the black box achieves positioning and tracking.

  Internal (hidden IMEI number - Telit's off-the-shelf GSM module):

Insurance company put a black box in your car

  So it is a dual-core positioning device: GPS+GSM both! So you need a jammer that can block GPS+GSM(GPRS) at the same time because when you block the box GPS with only one GPS jammers, it will automatically pass the built-in GPS The SIM card actively realizes GPRS GSM positioning.

  Maybe you have a question: the GSM blocker blocks the signal. Does it also block your cell phone signal?

  Yes, it only blocks the GSM signal but has no effect on the 4G signal, so you can answer calls.