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Learn clever ways to beat tracking tech devices

Perfectjammer 2022/09/02

  Learn how to protect your data from hackers who can easily trick you into giving up access to all kinds of private information.

  You also need to know how to avoid falling victim to phishing, where someone lures you into giving you personal information or money. It is important for people to realize that even if they are careful, they are not immune

Learn clever ways to beat tracking tech devices

  Learning these skills is also important if you want to prevent others from tracking your location using a GPS device or cell phone!

  Ask a professional to help you fight tracking devices.

  Hiring a professional can be an expensive option, but there is no guarantee it will work. You also need to take into account that if you hire someone, they will have information about you and your vehicle that may be used against you in the future. While some of these services may offer anonymity in their packages, others keep records of customer information in a file at runtime, which means you might be surprised again, at some point in the future, if another One company hires another company to track the individuals or groups whose devices decide to use those records against them.

  Remove all batteries when cell phones, vehicles and GPS devices are not needed or in use.

  Remove the battery from the GPS device. This will stop it from tracking you before plugging in. However, even if you remove the battery, some GPS devices can be reactivated remotely by their manufacturer or by a hacker without having to replace the physical battery!

  If the idea of ​​our jammers or GPS jammers doesn't appeal to you, and you've been looking for a more ingenious way to beat tracking tech devices, businesses have options. If you're willing to spend some money to protect your privacy, you can buy a device called a GPS tracking detector that proactively alerts drivers when they're analyzing important devices on the road. The price of these information devices is usually around $200, and research results show that they can be effectively improved to detect all but the most sophisticated tracking management systems currently on the market in our country.