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Hyundai car thieves dare to create 'out of service'

Perfectjammer 2022/09/05

  Modern car thieves use GPS jammers. It overwhelms the signal to report your location to the stolen vehicle tracking service.Various other acts of cheating have also been reported.It doesn't have to be a powerful device.Two watts of power is enough to block satellite signals.Criminals are not the only ones using this technology.Employees of the cars tracked by the company also use them to destroy records.Interference can also pose other risks.A 20 watt device could disrupt commercial airports.It can also send a false signal to GPS, which is harder to detect than simple interference.

Hyundai car thieves dare to create 'out of service'

  Depending on the strength of the radio waves, neighboring shops, WiFi spots, offices, restaurants, homes, cars, and taxis parked nearby, and pedestrians may also be adversely affected.Radio waves are cut off, mobile phones cannot be used, calls cannot be received, wireless communication cannot be used, and the like.Communication is blocked or obstructed. There will be adverse effects such as wireless LAN failure and access to computers, tablets, and smartphones being abnormally slow, and WiFi/Bluetooth devices malfunctioning and malfunctioning.

  The other day I went to a theatre in Tokyo.Please turn off your cell phone."This should be because of the many jammers installed.There is a mechanism in the theater that dares to create "out of service."It is a device that deliberately makes radio waves from mobile phones“Out of range” in the area. However, this device does not contain control information that should be sent from the base station to the mobile phone within the area of ​​the mobile phone blocking device, and the mobile phone cannot understand the situation and decides that it is “out of range“ for the time being.It is, indeed. In other words, it is a device that forcibly puts the mobile phone out of range.It is a very interesting idea to send sky data and keep it out of range even though it improves the radio wave situation.

  The WiFi / GPS radio wave jamming device interferes with the jamming device outside the call range of the GAM / 3G / 4G mobile radio wave suppression device, and the interception range is wide

  It seems that it occurred at the same time as the examination system started, but it seems that the means are becoming more diverse due to the rapid development of electronic communication means.In some cases, countermeasures are taken to emit interference so that the mobile phone cannot be used.Legitimate cell phone jammers have been around for quite some time. Even with a weak output, the call suppression device required an application from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and was approved for use. Regarding the introduction of a call deterrent device, the bank said, ``The target area is small, but even so, being unable to make calls hurts user convenience.Therefore, we decided to limit the range to about 2 meters.

  The telephone penetration rate reached more than 75%, followed by user etiquette problems and various troubles. Malfunctions of electronic and medical equipment, and sound pollution from trains, theaters, etc., have become a social problem. The wifi jamming system blocks communication by emitting weak radio waves with the same frequency as the radio waves broadcast by the mobile base station, making subsequent location registration and polling impossible, so the display on the mobile terminal is "Out of service". At present, in addition to theaters, hospitals, ATMs, university examination rooms, etc. are also installed.