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How to block, disable and find your vehicle's GPS tracker

Clay HARVEY 2023/01/03

  We have compiled an exhaustive list of ways to block, disable and find your vehicle's GPS tracker. Search for boxes that look suspicious, possibly with antennas. The GPS tracker can be fixed outside your vehicle with tape or magnetic force. After that, handle the battery and GPS device to ensure that it does not continue to transmit your location. First, find the GPS tracker. If the GPS tracker does not have batteries, it cannot transmit signals.

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  Generally speaking, more expensive trackers block signals in a larger radius than cheaper trackers. The only problem is that you must know where the tracker is and have access to it. Any conductive metal will interfere with the signal of the GPS device. Remember to disable the device when you turn off or stop driving (otherwise you will continue to interfere with the GPS and mobile signals around you).

  The simplest, cheapest and simplest option is to wrap the GPS device with aluminum foil when you want to hide your position. The hand-held interceptor will interfere with the GPS signal sent by your palm. Instead of inserting it into the vehicle, manually activate a device that uses a button or switch.

  If it is connected to your vehicle through a magnet or data connector plug, simply pull the device out and take out the battery to stop the signal. When you start the car, the blocking device will also start, and your car will be monitored from the GPS. To disable it, turn off your car or remove the device. Before purchasing, please carefully review the instructions to determine whether the scope of the stopper is enough to meet your needs.

  Use a flashlight to view hard to reach areas such as landing gear or wheel well. The vehicle's GPS tracker is very useful for navigation, but if you suspect that someone is using it to track you, how do you stop it? GPS tracker blockers are usually expensive and illegal to use, but there are other ways to disable GPS signals to protect your privacy. Plug in gps jammer generates interference signals and prevents the vehicle from GPS tracking. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter or the auxiliary powercar socket of the .