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The Pentagon has been mysteriously testing the shielding of GPS Beidou signal


  The US military believes that the country may have the ability to use GPS jamming technology to intervene in the fight with its opponents.Therefore, it is ready to fight in the worst conditions and shows us the real situation without GPS support.GPS denial has become a major problem for US military planners.US military experts said that in the largest exercise, the US military appeared regional GPS signals near the closed exercise area, which means that a large number of domestic civil aviation flights are in serious condition.

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  The Pentagon has been mysteriously testing the technology that can shield GPS in a large area in front of it.Small size, large power, light weight, large coverage area and convenient carrying;Only the GPS and Beidou signals are shielded, which does not affect the mobile Internet access.In addition to shielding GPS and Beidou signals, 2G3G4G and WiFi signals can also be shielded.

  The fact that the Ministry of Defense will conduct extensive GPS jamming operations in such high-end exercises further proves the seriousness of the threat posed by these new electronic warfare tactics.At this time, the GPS signal blocker can also be used to protect privacy.The working principle of the GPS signal shield is to cut off the GPS frequency band signal, so that the vehicle is in a signal isolation state.

  Such consultations may become more frequent in the coming years.It is installed on the vehicle to prevent the original owner from locating the vehicle and protect property safety.Will the car be driven away in the middle of the night after parking? Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of property, the car buyers also bought a special GPS signal shield.

  If the transmission medium noise is large, the digital signal processor cannot decode the root mean square value of the frequency band of the transmission carrier signal.For example, the mortgage car company temporarily obtained control of the car after transferring the funds to the original owner.To prevent the vehicle from being stolen by the original owner, it is recommended that these companies purchase GPS jammers and install them in the parking lot where the vehicle is parked.

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