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Employees who monitor in targeted and permanent ways can use jammers to fight back

Gordon PADILLA 2022/12/08

  Many companies are very interested in collecting some data on the use of their vehicles and employees. This is also allowed to some extent. GPS technology, including the data collected, can be used to undertake certain tasks and improve the organization and overall process of the company.

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  However, employees should not be monitored in a targeted and permanent manner. Allows the use of GPS for fleet use, as well as other useful functions. However, if employees are not informed of this, or if they are secretly observed by other technical systems during their work, the legal situation will change in their work. Employees must not be continuously monitored.

  This includes, for example, gathering personal information, such as details of pre - and post work activities or services provided. However, if an employee travels in a company vehicle and is equipped with a GPS box, he or she must accept it to ensure that good is good or bad for the company. In the best case, the boss should not be able to find any information about him during working hours.

  On the other hand, we also lose our privacy. Under the GPS tracking kit, people can easily find out what you look like, what you're doing, and where you're going. If we want to enjoy these services, we'd better buy GPS jammers to protect our personal information, including our name, address, gender, phone number and sometimes bank account number. Check out the GPS Jammer at www.perfectjammer, which will solve your problem. With a GPS signal jammer, it will cut off the GPS signal within the effective blocking radius. It's the perfect anti-surveillance device!

  If employees still have difficulties or questions in this regard, they can contact the Labor Management Committee or the Data Protection Officer at any time. If the company does not have such or other circumstances, employees have the opportunity to exercise their legal right to know