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Does the mobile phone jammer block GPS?


  The signal jammer generates "noise" by submerging these satellite signals with higher power but shorter distance radio signals, thus inducing the GPS tracking system to think that the GPS signal is unavailable.In fact, many wireless communication devices use GPS time synchronization to synchronize.The time synchronization of each radio tower is also used for mutual identification.

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  We know that all our mobile phones are equipped with GPS navigation and positioning systems.Since the radio towers switch to other radio towers according to the user's movement, they need to be synchronized with each other.A mobile phone is a typical example of such usage.Some professional fields, such as military aviation, use advanced technology to reduce the impact of mobile phone jammers on GPS navigation by using special antennas that only receive signals in specific directions.

  Unfortunately, many thieves and criminals put small GPS tracking devices in our cars and vehicles to monitor us in real time and allow them to carry out illegal activities such as car theftWhat is important is that the mobile phone jammer is not only powerful, but also cheap, with adjustable interference frequency band and diverse functions.If you do not do so, you will be subject to legal investigation.

  GPS time signal provides a cheap and reliable method.When transmitting radio waves, this part of the frequency band overlaps with the frequency band transmitted by the jammer, making it invalid.If you are using various applets or software for your phone, you will be asked to visit your location to get your location.You can shop according to your personal needs, but not for illegal purposes.

  The GPS receiver relies on low-power microwave signals broadcast by GPS satellites.In addition to interfering with mobile phone signals such as GSM 3G 4G, many mobile phone jammers also have GPS jammers, which can set the interference frequency band to strong GPS WiFi UHFVHF signals.

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