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GPS jammers for law enforcement and transportation industries


  With the development of new and innovative technologies, GPS tracking technology continues to emerge.With the proliferation of smartphones and Internet of Things devices, every location, every online search, every website visited and every purchase will be tracked.Although many people are willing to share their location permanently, there are others who want to hide their location.

  A device that conceals its location by sending a radio signal at the same frequency as a GPS device.In this case, the GPS device would be unable to determine its location due to interference.The GPS jamming unit itself is usually a small self-contained transmitter that produces a jamming signal of 1575.42 MHz within a radius of 5 to 10 meters.

6-Band Cell Phone Signal Jammer

  Typically, the user places the jammer in the cigarette lighter and places the device close enough to the GPS tracker to jam GPS satellite signals.The machine will run normally in less than 20 seconds.Due to the low power and short startup time, jammers can only be used when needed.Criminals take them away as quickly as possible to avoid detection.

  These jammers can be purchased cheaply over the Internet for less than $100.While it is highly recommended not to buy GPS jammers, there are various types of jammers available online, such as B.Physical shielding, WLAN/ Bluetooth jammers, remote control jammers, camera jammers, and drone jammers, just to name a few.

  For the law enforcement and transportation industries, GPS jammers are both annoying and worrisome.Interference can affect GPS vehicle tracking, also known as fleet tracking or telematics, which is an important source of business data for many companies.It's not just about vehicle tracking -- it also collects data on fuel consumption, idling, driving behavior, engine condition, and other aspects of the vehicle and its operation.

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