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Who can use the mobile GPS scrambler?


  In Germany, authorities now have isolated programs, such as jails that use jammers to jam signals from illegal cell phones used by inmates.That's allowed.Jammers can also be used at cinemas, theatres and public events in France, but are still banned in Germany.Using GPS jammers and cell phone blocker, you can not only fix your phone, but also your phone's GPS receiver.The devices are already available on the Internet for a few euros.But can it even be used in Germany? Mobile phones are relatively easy to locate.Because you need to log in to different wireless cells again and again, and each phone has its own identifier, it can be located relatively quickly.

GPS is certainly faster and, most importantly, more accurate

  However, these signals can be blocked or superimposed with relative ease.For this, you need jammers, known as cell phone jammers or cell phone blockers, which will only interfere with the above signals.With their jamming signals, jammers ensure that the phone can no longer communicate with the radio cell and therefore cannot receive text messages or calls.So you also have the advantage of peace and quiet.Cell phone blockers can be obtained relatively easily and cheaply on the Internet, but individuals and companies are not allowed to use them in Germany.

Newest Drone Jammers

  As an organizer, restaurateur, movie theater or theater operator, you still have no choice but to point out to your guests and visitors that you must turn off your cell phone.Jammer laws vary by country/region.The first thing to say is that from the beginning, any kind of signal blocker was allowed to be introduced into public society.Later, the government began to realize that this could be a threat to society, so people decided to restrict such devices.The main reason is that most people can use jamming in inappropriate places, and secondly - even if he is a terrorist, almost anyone can get a portable frequency blocker, thus increasing the chances of such attacks.

  But on the other hand, the same technology protects public Spaces around the world in IEDs.The same technology has also saved dozens of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.Everything has two sides.Jammer as a tool, itself is not dangerous, the key is how to use.Like tools and guns, more damage than jammers, but many things are legal, especially tools.Doesn't the government let us use helicopters? Similarly, WiFi jammers can be used by criminals, such as remote-controlled jammers to steal cars, but it can also be used to protect our privacy or simply as a prank device.Unfortunately, most governments don't think so, and because one type of signal blocker is dangerous, have decided that all of these devices should be restricted.

That's why it's best to learn all you can about local laws

  We believe that these types of equipment and legal issues should be changed because we want to know that we are free and we can do everything we can to protect our privacy.There are many ways to look at a person, but no one can protect their rights and privacy, there is only one legal way - and this is an important reason why interrupters can use it reasonably.

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