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Research that could lead to bomb detection and destruction of GPS jammers


  Precision guided weapon manufacturers in Washington no longer care whether simple GPS guidance systems can still work independently.He said: "I cannot comment on specific events, but we believe that GPS jamming is a very feasible solution and may pose a threat to the accuracy and performance of the weapons we receive“For many years, it only relied on inertial navigation systems with GPS support, but Boeing developed a laser guidance version, which was first introduced in 2008.

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  But now low-cost and low-power GSM jammers are ubiquitous, triggering a wave of cheap and reliable consumer electronics products such as Wi Fi routers and smartphones.In April, Assistant Secretary of Defense Bob Walker told a group at the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania that guided munitions and advanced weapons (such as GPS jammers) would be the features of future operations.

  In 2011, North Korea blocked the GPS signals of South Korea, and it was reported that it also used Russian made jamming devices to jam guided weapons.Or HOG-J JDAM is a guidance kit that can convert unguided or "misfired" gravity bombs into intelligent munitions.But they also need to fight on the battlefield continuously and effectively scanned by cyber munitions.John Flint, JDAM project manager of Boeing weapon and missile system, envisioned a battlefield scenario in which the US military would encounter a series of cheap jammers to cover US missile targets.Although the military GPS system is more flexible than the commercial GPS system, it cannot be guaranteed 100%, especially for high-power jammers.

  Everyone is desperately looking for major navigation systems or GPS improvements, or they are looking for non GPS products.The Ukrainian separatists and their Russian supported sponsors are "very sure" that they are using advanced electronic warfare equipment, and the Ministry of Defence has sought to acknowledge their effectiveness in disrupting the command network."In the future, the US military, the US Marine Corps and our allies will have to fight on the battlefield swept by precision guided munitions.When it comes to the threat of GPS jamming, all the classic threats are there: Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.Fifteen years ago, jammers were considered the most expensive equipment of any government or nation state.

  With regard to precision guided weapons, the US Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida is studying a kind of researchers who can guide bombs to detect and destroy GPS jammers, which are called home GPS jammers.In the same year, Iran shot down and captured the RQ-170 Sentinel UAV, claiming that it had forged GPS data, and diverted the UAV to Iran to land.In short, WiFi interference propagates noise, which can inundate nearby GPS receivers (relying on weak signals from distant satellites) and lose the actual GPS signal.

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