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Use jammers in theaters to prevent being interrupted by cell phone signals

Kenyon 2022/11/18

  At present, the stealth UAV is mainly effective for the centimeter wave radar, but for the long wave radar, the UAV is almost impossible to stealth.In foreign countries, jammers are sometimes used in cinemas and theaters to prevent events from being interrupted by mobile phone signals.The range of powerful fixed equipment can reach 80 meters.Therefore, broken connections must always be equivalent to alerts.In such a modern society, the use of GPS and mobile phone signal tracking devices has become a common phenomenon in our daily life.With more and more signal tracking devices entering the modern society, we must take action to compete with these tracking devices.If a new strong source is detected here, it may be an interference transmitter.

Use jammers in theaters to prevent being interrupted by cell phone signals

  Use the high-power signal jammers to send strong electronic waves to the UAV, blind the UAV radar, cut off the "umbilical" connection between the UAV and the space-based satellite and the parent base, and make it unable to receive the remote control operation instructions* It is a takeover.If an attacker uses this jamming transmitter, it can be used to block the radio connection of the surveillance camera or the window sensor of the alarm system.At present, almost all large advanced UAVs adopt stealth design, and it is difficult to find their whereabouts.There are some very simple and small devices that can only interfere with radio signals within a limited radius.It consists of dozens of cars, loaded with radar, electronic jamming equipment and ground command equipment, and can easily penetrate the enemy's electronic jamming wave and avionics resistance.

  However, this is true in theory, but in fact, because the enemy UAV also has information encryption and anti-jamming means, it is not easy to operate.Some of them are used in prisons to prevent prisoners from communicating illegally.For example, Russia's "automobile field" is one of the few electronic countermeasures systems that can "trap" advanced UAVs.For example, there is a small adapter for a car cigarette lighter that can interfere with GPS signals.With the improvement of people's living standards, most people pay more and more attention to their own lives and privacy.In addition, the jammer can be detected by continuously testing the radio connection between two components having cable connections.This interferes with a specific frequency of the radio protocol.

  Portable devices with integrated batteries can have a range of up to 20 meters under optimum conditions, depending on the version.The major military powers are sparing no effort to develop technologies that can "trap" UAVs.The challenge here is that no external signals are blocked, such as mobile phone signals for emergency calls.Long wave radar can provide early warning and direction indication for stealth UAV, and lay a foundation for subsequent strategy formulation.

  Another use is, for example, to block control signals from drones.In order to prevent your life and privacy, and avoid being tracked by GPS and mobile signal tracking systems, the ideal way to solve this problem is to let this device lock its working capacity.When the accusation command of the UAV is interfered by the strong electronic wave, it will retransmit a forged GPS parameter to the UAV to make it fly according to the desired path of the trap, and finally control its smooth landing to the designated place.