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Signal blockers of all types and capacities perform well in the market


various capacities signal shields

In the technology market, various types and capacities of mobile signal jammer have recently become increasingly popular. And it's not always clear why this happened. Why install this device because it causes inconvenience in the form of being unable to use the World Wide Web and regular phones.

Leaders of various educational institutions, from schools and colleges to research institutes and universities, enjoy installing various mobile signal blockers in classrooms and corridors. This is due to two simple factors. Firstly, students may be distracted during classes on their phones or smartphones, which greatly affects the quality of education.

The second reason is dishonest passing of exams:

students cheat on their smartphones, use their help to surf the internet or use headphones to call friends, who will dictate the answers. Despite urging students to leave their phones outside the classroom, these devices still managed to sneak in in in some way. Sometimes students provocatively leave a phone with the teacher to clear the suspicion of cheating in exams, and then bring the second one. Usually, even a thorough search of candidates is not helpful.

It is evident that when using assistive technology, students have a significantly increased chance of achieving good grades and even entering university budget departments, although such knowledge may not exist at all or may not be sufficient to start or continue education. What threat does it pose? Many regions have insufficient qualifications for workers. Yes, of course, there will always be honest students, but they are a minority.

At present, mobile signal jammers with varying prices have emerged in the wireless engineering market to meet any demand. The price of this device depends on the number of signals it suppresses, the power, and most importantly, the range. There are signal jammers that suppress one or two channels (for example, if you need to restrict access to the mobile internet but still retain call functionality), as well as multi-channel jammers that completely block any communication. When selecting equipment, it is necessary to carefully select its scope of use and limit it to the size of the exam or training audience.

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