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The difference between the external antenna and the internal antenna of the blocker


The difference between the external antenna and the internal antenna of the jammer

The full band jammers suitable for meeting rooms in the market are mainly divided into internal antennas and external antennas. So, whether to use an internal antenna or an external antenna for a full frequency mobile phone blocker in a conference room should be chosen. For smaller conference rooms, a full band signal jammer with an external antenna can be chosen. The price of full band jammers with external antennas is often relatively low. Let's not talk about quality and workmanship for now. Even if the antenna length of the jammer varies, it will definitely affect its appearance, and some full band jammers' cooling fans are exposed outside, causing noise and affecting the order of the conference room.

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  1. The only difference between an internal antenna and an external antenna is the installation position.
  2. The built-in antenna is built into the device.
  3. External antennas can be installed in remote locations.

The only reason for using an external antenna instead of an internal antenna is that the device used will be installed in a location where GPS signals cannot be obtained. The built-in antenna can receive GPS signals through the windshield, and even through the lightweight canvas roof, but not through the hard or thick roof.

Some devices have built-in high sensitivity GPS antennas. These devices may receive GPS signals in locations where the old built-in antenna devices cannot receive them.

The full band jammer with built-in antenna cannot see the antenna from the outside, achieving a uniform appearance. The built-in antenna is also a protection for the antenna. If it is necessary to switch to an external antenna for use, accidentally bumping it can easily cause the antenna to fall off, rendering the machine unusable. Continuing on will burn out the internal modules of the full band jammer that need to be used. If the full band jammer with built-in antenna needs to be connected, simply grasp the groove handle on the back of the machine, which is simple and convenient. Even if there is a slight bump, the built-in antenna will not fall off, ensuring the normal use of the full band jammer.