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Can someone remotely control my car electronic equipment?

Hello there! I heard that it is possible to use the OTG cable to hack the onboard computer, but now I want to know if the same operation can be performed remotely? Is my car controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

2020-12-03 at 12:30


As you know, any wireless network is dangerous because you may never know who will intercept the data running there. With the development of mobile devices, the whole process has become easier. Now you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to hack into the Wi-Fi network! So, if your on-board computer is hacked, what can evil people really do? He will be able to lock and unlock the car. Second, he will be able to stop or accelerate your engine, and may even slam the brakes at any speed. The good news is that the Wi-Fi range is limited, so he will not be able to perform hacking attacks from a long distance. And if you want to leave him-he will lose control. Another method of protection is to use a wifi jammer, which will block any wireless connections around the car and ensure its safety.