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How to judge the quality of mobile phone jammers

Hi, everybody! Sometimes it is difficult for me to compare the selected types of signal jammers, so I want to know how to perform this operation correctly to choose a suitable mobile phone jammer?

2021-04-12 at 10:30


The comparison between signal jammers is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In order to determine which signal jammer is more suitable for you, you must understand some jammers and their working principles (at least basic knowledge). You can also say that one type of jammer is always better than others, and it all depends on how they are used. There are many characteristics of mobile cell phone jammer. For example, the interference power will affect the interference range, interference frequency range, current intensity, jammer size, power supply, antenna type and number, jammer weight, allowable temperature and humidity around, and so on. All of these are used to compare interference signals. Depending on the usage and conditions of the jammer, you can say that in this particular situation, one type of mobile phone jammer is better than the other, but in other situations, all of these may change drastically. Therefore, the more you know about jammers, the better you can make jammer buying decisions, and the easier it will be to use jammers correctly and effectively.