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Cell Phone Use In Classrooms

Hafner Jakob 2021-11-18

If Cell Phone Use In Classrooms is really installed in the office building, then as long as it is in the area where the mobile phone jammer is placed, all mobile phones will not be able to receive calls, receive and send text messages, and access the Internet normally. It is impossible that some mobile phones are busy, some mobile phones are noisy, and some mobile phones can be used normally. Look at your Xiaomi mobile phone and tell you whether Apple, ZTE, and Samsung mobile phones are cards under the same carrier. For example, you are all mobile cards. If this happens, it should be a mobile phone problem. Because cell phone jammers cannot selectively block numbers. If it is not a card under an operator, only your card is different from others. For example, other people are China Mobile and China Unicom, and yours is a telecom card. Then the signal transmission tower near your unit building should be relatively close. Far away, resulting in poor cell phone signal. cell phone jammer

Generally speaking, the Cell Phone Use In Classrooms in the exam site is to shield the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone signal of the designated band. The frequency spectrum of the previous mainstream network 4G is generally between 1700MHz and 2600MHz. For example, China Mobile's 4G is mainly at 2320-2370 MHz, 2575- The two major frequency bands of 2635 MHz, while China Telecom is in the two major frequency bands of 1755-1785 MHz and 1850-1880 MHz, and China Unicom is in 1955-1980 MHz and 2145-2170 MHz. The examination room only needs to carry out electronic interference to the above frequency bands, and the 4G network of the mobile phone cannot be connected, so as to achieve the function of shielding the signal. But the problem lies in the fact that the frequency band of the 5G network is relatively higher, and the unconventional examination room staff is likely to forget the new thing 5G, resulting in 5G signals not being shielded.