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Ordinary people should not build their own signal blockers


Can signal jammers be manufactured by oneself?

The manufacturing and sales of signal jammer are illegal in most countries. Moreover, the manufacturing of signal jammers requires professional technology and equipment, as well as compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards. Therefore, ordinary people should not manufacture signal jammers themselves.

wifi jammers protection

Several principles have become the core of jammer operation:

Create interference.

Send control frames.

"White noise" causes air overlap. Any point is blocked as a result.

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Control frames are service information related to specific network operations. Unlike regular information, this information is not encrypted. In these cases, authentication checks will not be performed. Therefore, the number of vulnerabilities in the network has increased. This is the reason why cybercriminals attack such projects. You can also delete their intervention.

The 2009 amendment designated IEEE 802.11w to provide additional protection for owners of such networks. This rule applies to all data related to the 802.11 standard. The MFP framework protected mode is the standard solution for such situations. But for wireless Wi Fi networks, it doesn't always work properly. If this mode is enabled, in most cases, the throughput of wireless devices will decrease.

To use a signal suppressor, the owner does not require special skills. The most important thing is to securely screw the antenna onto the appropriate connector before first use. The built-in rechargeable battery requires complete pre charging. This usually takes several hours. This condition is mandatory for all mechanisms.