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Prison blocker are installed at close range according to their radius coverage


The prison knows that all illegal activities are carried out under the guise of law and order. Over and over again, multiple cases have emerged, in which criminals detained in prison have been found to have hidden phones. These prisoners clearly do not use mobile phones for any legitimate reason. They use communication devices to plan strategies to escape from prison or other similar disturbances.

The Indian government has mandated the installation of signal jammer near prisons. The Indian government has approved $50 million in funding to install jammers in highly guarded prisons.

Prison jammers are mostly mobile phone detection systems, with intelligent designs that not only detect mobile phones, but also automatically block their signals/phone activity when installed in designated areas.

These prison jammers are installed at close range based on their radius coverage to cover large areas such as prisons.

Let's discuss in detail the main reasons why the government has installed mobile signal blockers in places like prisons:

Stop unnecessary communication within the prison:

The main reason for installing network jammers in prisons is to prevent internal communication between prisoners. Prisoners use communication equipment to engage in pranks.

Many times, prison personnel participate in the pranks of prisoners and help them escape the prison. In the presence of network jammers, communication within the prison is prohibited for everyone, whether they are prisoners or prison staff.

With the help of prison jammers, communication with the outside world was completely cut off. The communication interruption led to the failure of the escape plan, resulting in a significant gap in communication with the outside world and within the prison.

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Not only the jammer, various signals can be shielded with the help of the jammer. These devices can be Bluetooth devices, wireless devices, WiFi connections, etc.

Preventing criminals from using remote controlled improvised explosive devices for explosions:

Criminals nowadays use bombs triggered by radio signals. These are remote controlled improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Due to the operation of these devices through radio signals, it is possible to simply disable explosions by activating the jammer.

Different types of devices have different types of jammers. There are specialized jammers that block cellular networks, while there are multi-purpose jammers that block various signals.

Since the government's order, these prisons have now been protected by signal jammers. This idea simply prohibits communication with the outside world. Prisoners do indeed engage in inappropriate behavior in order to communicate with the outside world, but this is thanks to the mobile signal blockers installed in the prison. Prisoners will no longer be able to engage in any form of communication with anyone outside the prison